Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn't because your friend wasn't up for it? In this UI challenge, I designed an app that aimed to remove this dependency from your workouts. Now there is no need to rely on your gym buddy and you can enjoy a workout whenever you want and do what you want! 

Let's do some digging

This project was done during the lockdown hence my user interviews were done over zoom/skype. I used my desk bulletin board as my research wall. Since it was a weekend challenge and I was constrained on time, I did 5 interviews and a bit of secondary research to supplement my hypothesis. 

So what's the problem

Based on my research, I did a quick analysis and came up with my primary persona. To give a conceptual direction to the app I also made a concept board that would guide my design decisions.  

Putting pen to paper

After a few brainstorm sketches, I made a lo-fi screen using Balsamiq. It was primarily done to get quality feedback before I could start my hi-fi prototyping! 

Umm..will this work?

With the Balsamiq prototype, I did a concept pitch to a few of my classmates, and based on their feedback, there were some changes that transformed the concept before entering the hi-fi stage. Some of the key points were:

1) Don’t consider people won’t use phones while working out!

2) Make info richer to give more human touch

3) People might not be ready - instant mode and pre-plan

mode, both are required

4) Earphone interaction isn’t gonna work :(

Here we go

After incorporating the feedback, I went straight into XD and created a hi-fi prototype overnight (12 hrs). It was the most fun bit of this project! Once I was happy with the flow of the app I made a quick video to showcase my concept and the designs. Here is the final outcome:

Thanks for your time, Hope you enjoyed reading!